Toilet Solutions

UK Live Ltd provides a range of portable toilet solutions for events of all types and sizes.

We recommend booking toilets for an event 3 months in advance to reduce the chance of disappointment.

Our events toilets are quoted by our team of experts who can answer any questions that you might have about your booking

Single Unit


The most outstanding features of the Maxim 3000™ are its ultra-smooth walls and spacious interior. With no ledges to collect dust, debris or waste, the Maxim 3000 is able to maintain a clean appearance long after a service call. Inside, the rounded corners create more open space and a uniquely contoured tank provides end-users a more comfortable sitting position. Along with its beautiful appearance, the Maxim 3000 is also incredibly strong. By utilizing blow-mold technology to create twin-panel walls and a blow molded front, the cabana is almost indestructible. The cabana is also strengthened by interlocking corners, a fitted base and an overlapping roof design.

Another clear advantage of the Maxim 3000 is the simplicity of design. It has 40% fewer parts than a typical restroom, which means there is less to break and fewer parts need to be stocked for inventory.

Other great features of the Maxim 3000 include deep, well defined corner and roof grips for easy maneuvering, two strong, vandal resistant door springs, a hanging hook and shelf for the convenience of users and a built-in mirror.

Overall, the Maxim 3000 requires little maintenance, is spacious and has a very modern, sleek appearance. Together, these features make it the ideal restroom for operators and end-users

Hand Wash

The new Tag 4 balances the proven strengths of the original Tag sink with improved design and functionality to offer a more operator friendly free standing handwash station. Using industry leading technology, the Tag 4 is a newly streamlined, high production capacity sink.

With greater flexibility to hold almost any size soap and towel dispenser on the market while still fitting comfortably in most standard size portable restrooms for easy transportation, the Tag 4 is a superior handwash solution. Plus a new locking mechanism, easier suction port and freshwater tank access, and larger hand grips now on all four sides make the next generation Tag 4 an essential low maintenance, durable workhorse for your fleet

Wheelchair Accesible

Developed as an alternative to full ADA compliant restrooms, the Liberty is a spacious, wheelchair accessible restroom that can also be promoted as a family-sized restroom. It has a patented flat-floor system for easy wheelchair access and maneuverability. The handrails and paper holder, together with the rotary latch, are designed and manufactured for simple end-user operation.

Operators have the distinct advantage of owning a restroom made from high molecular weight polyethylene that is durable and vandal resistance. The entire door frame, which is made of a vacuum formed twin sheet, is able to withstand hard hits and endless pounding without bending or buckling like metal frames. The patented flat floor system, combined with the strength of the side walls and capped roof, forms a sleek, modern restroom that retains its shape over the life of the products.

Main Features:

  • Strong, twin-sheet, non-metal door frame
  • Patented flat floor system
  • Roof tie-down grooves in both directions
  • Four corner stake down holes
  • Large, easy-to-grasp handles
  • Wheelchair accessible decal
  • 4 Year Limited Warranty


The 4Men meets all men wishes when it’s about using a portable urinal at an event. The time where it was not easy to handle the drinking glasses is over. Indeed, the 4Men has been built with specific places to put the drinking glasses to offer a more pleasnt experience to the end-user. Accomodating up to 4 people at once, it avoids big queues and increases the waste capacity without the need of transporting additional toilets to the event site. An added advantage is that your other event toilets will stay cleaner for a longer period of time during the event. Easy-to-maintain and easy-to-transport , the two halves can be separated and nest into each other, allowing up to 5 4Men per pallet. Finally, offer more privacy to the end-users thanks to the screens that you can fix on the top of the urinal (optional). Available in Europe only.

Main Features:

  • Hook for dry lifting
  • Plug for suction hose
  • Place to put the drinking glasses
  • Forklift pockets for easy handling
  • 5 stackable
  • Childlock
  • Rod with hex Head bolts
  • Spot for hand sanitiser dispenser
  • Plug for garden hose connection to sewer
  • Colour: granite

Trailer Units

Our  toilet trailers are ideal for a larger events (including parties, weddings, outdoor events, sporting occasions, music events and agricultural shows).

It has an interconnecting door for all male/female usage if required and can operate either as a re-circulating flush or mains flush if connected to a sewerage system.

Main Features:

  • 4 x ladies cubicles
  • 2 x gents cubicles plus urinals.
  • 1 x ladies sink
  • 1 x gents sink

Requirements: 240v electricity supply