PA Systems & Video Screens

With over 20 years of vast experience in PA System and Video Screen Hire & working with many high profile Artists, we have the knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to offer premium live sound reinforcement services and stunning visuals for outdoor festivals, stadia and arenas.

All the systems  are state-of-the-art, fully up to date and with annual investment in new technology, you can be sure you are getting the best.

Pa Systems

Our fantastic team share a passion for excellence in sound, and have a really positive, can-do attitude. With regular training, we ensure our staff really know the equipment we use. Most of our sound engineers are full time but we also work with freelance experts – where required.

With all equipment fully owned by UK Live, and an ElectroVoice (EV) Concert Class System Provider, you can be sure that we have the resources and technical backup to ensure a high quality audio experience at any size event. Fully insured, a comprehensive Health & Safety policy and plenty of experience working with local authorities & large venues, we will provide you with total peace of mind.

The Rolling Stones, ZZ Top, Foo Fighters, AC/DC, Rod Stewart . . these are only a few of the demanding and discerning performers who have used ElectroVoice (EV) equipment as the cornerstone of their tours

Video Screens

Our screens are perfect for custom LED back drops, or giant rear and side screens for music stages, they can also be used for:

Corporate events Live footage Action replays Showing movies Scoreboards

The Finer Detail:

• 50% the weight of a traditional steel cabinet, and around 70% the weight of a comparable aluminium cabinet

• At 90mm (3.54mm) frame depth & total 150mm (5.91mm) with the control module

• High contrast from the specially designed mask for improved viewing

• Easy and fast assembly
• Low power consumption • No fans

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